Sound for TV Productions.
A1/soundmixer, Project Management.
Studio and Outside Broadcasting, Music, Gala Events, Entertainment, Talk Shows, Sporting Events
ENG/EFP, Film, Soundrecordist
Live Coverage, Documentaries, Reality Shows, Corporate/Commercial Films, etc.

Contracted audio rental supplier to Swedish Television.

Corporate Events

Conferences, Shareholders’ General Meetings, Customer Events, etc. Focusing on adapting technologies to the desires and requirements of the customer. When a lot of money is spent on content it´s important that the message gets across, loud and clear!


PA/FOH Engineer. Music and TV Productions, Tours, Festivals, Concerts, Conferences. PA/Loudspeaker Systems at various types of events such as exhibitions, trade fair events, contests, etc.

Independent Freelance Sound engineer

Soundmixing, recording, technical planning, sound design and technical coordination. Independent consultant for purchasing/procurement, installation, product demonstration, etc.

Sound engineer since 1983, Swedish and international tours, A1/soundmixer for Swedish National Television (1999-2008) with assignments in both studio and outside broadcasting productions. Music/entertainment/sports productions have included a number of major musical and sporting events such as the Eurovision Song Contest, the Olympic Games in Athens, Beijing, London and Rio, etc.

ENG/EFP coverage/reality productions, corporate/commercial films on behalf of Swedish and foreign production companies.

Corporate events, conferences and shareholders’ general meetings with assignments all over the world for Swedish and international companies.

PA/Live, concerts, festivals and touring. The years in the business has resulted in experience and broad knowledge.This knowledge has generated work in all parts of the business, and enabled me to maintain a large network of colleagues and companies all over the world. I work with the technical suppliers the client has engaged, or take on full technical responsibility and take part in planning, review quotes and hire equipment and technical staff.

I received the industry award ”The Golden Microphone Award” from Milab in 1995.

Complementary equipment rentals

Being both an engineer and user I have observed a need of specific equipment which is not readily available and have therefore built a solid base of products which are available for renting in connection with projects or as separate products.
Examples of such products:
Digico digital mixer, MADI/AES/analog interface, signal splitters/combiners, MADI
Telephone hybrids, distribution amplifiers, Word clock generators, synchronization equipment
MADI interface etc.

For TV/sports productions:
Wireless reporter kit mic/earphones, Studio kit with head mics/headset/earphoens
”Flashkit” headset/ear phones amp. Directional microphones/booms.

PA system suited for TV/studio productions as well as conferences/events.

More about rental equipment under the tab ”Teknikuthyrning”.